Robertson Travel: the best agents in the business

There are good travel agencies. And there are great travel agencies. ENTREE keeps getting requests for the very best travel agency. Well, we’ve found the one. Robertson International Travel is headquartered in Santa Barbara and has 54 years under their belt catering to the discerning and discriminating. They do more than just book tickets, as you might expect, they create memorable life experiences around the world.

Small by design, Robertson is a team of three very smart and wonderful people—founder Brian Robertson, his Managing Partner Heather Schuyler, and Travel Consultant Jessica Fisher. With Robertson you deal with the principals only.

Heather Bio Photo
Robertson22r_4x5JessicaBio Photo

Heather Schuyler, Brian Robertson, Jessica Fisher, left to right

They are available to craft your itinerary, get you the best value, and ignite your travel adventure with the finest ideas. These are very clever people with a special touch. ENTREE only deals with Robertson Travel and we are proud to endorse them as our exclusive and official travel agency. They know the world, and through their association with Virtuoso, have insider contacts in every corner of the globe to customize your trip with special flourishes and details. Call them at (805) 969-3221 and check out their website at E-mail contact:

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