Shame on Silversea cruises

Shame on Silversea cruises. Friends of ours were looking forward to two back-to-back cruises on a Silversea ship, the Silver Shadow, stopping at seldom-visited Asian ports. They were frequent travelers on their ships. They knew and liked Silversea’s luxurious accommodations, superb service, and good food.

But Silversea values a quick short term profit over loyalty to their cruise passengers. Recently they informed our friends that their cruises had been canceled. Seems a company offered to charter the ship for more money than they would earn from the cruises that they had booked.

So, the cruise line offered our friends some discounts on cruises during 2016 and 2017 if they booked within the next few days. But our friends found no availability in accommodations acceptable to them on cruises that appealed to them. Now they will never travel on Silversea again. They have taught us them that they cannot count on them and value a buck over their faithful passengers.

PS: Silversea has had their large deposit for some time, and they don’t know when they will get their more than $11,000 back.

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