For the little female traveler in your life

largeSpotlightThe HipCity Sak is a fashionable and fun hands-free bag that helps little girls on-the-go (ages 4+) carry their own small items (in a fun and easy way) so their parents don’t have to!

These adorable bags promote independence and accessories, like the mermaid, inspire girls to always express themselves. And the best part: They are fun because everything is interchangeable. Just snap on to belt. The HipCity Sak fits young girls who are size 5-10 and retails for $24.99 online and comes with a bag and a belt.
The benefits of a HipCity Sak are many:

Fashionable. Beautiful colors in designs girls love! And made of soft vegan leather, with a 100% polyurethane outer shell.

Fun. All bags and accessories are interchangeable and just snap on to the belt. Girls love to express themselves, collect them and trade them with their friends.

Useful. The hands-free aspect makes it easy for a little girl to carry her items (and not lose them) while remaining active (walking, biking, having fun on the monkey bars), as the bag stays attached her. This helps parents out so they don’t need to carry everything. Perfect for trips to Disney or just around town. The bag can carry small toys, snacks, stuffed animals, ipods, markers and pad of paper, etc. or see Instagram

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