Indulge Your Inner Italian at Festa dell’Autunno


‘Tis the season when The Resort at Pelican Hill on the coast of Newport Beach, CA, a masterpiece of 5-star golf, dining, spa and Italian Renaissance- inspired architecture is at its celebratory best. In less than six weeks, Festa dell’Autunno October 7-9 will bring the whole family together to enjoy a weekend of superb events inspired by Italy’s harvest season.

This event is not to be missed, a glorious celebration of the abundance of the autumn harvest season with food, wine, music, art and entertainment.

On Saturday, October 8, the sights, sounds and aromas of the Italian Street Festa will fill the Resort’s olive tree-lined Bungalow lanes with food and wine, live music and dancing, traditional art, Italian auto exhibits, bocce ball and more.

And for the kids, Carnevale dei Bambini has it all. Located on the Bungalow Lawn, this children’s festival is an event of its own where children will learn traditional Italian dancing, decorate Venetian masks, practice the art of flag bearing and don classic Renaissance-style costumes for a Street Festa procession. For reservations and information call (866) 990-6805 or head to

The Resort at Pelican Hill is set on 504 acres of incredible coastal beauty. We consider it the ultimate destination for summer, winter, spring and fall enjoyment. Perfection for lovers, singles and familes.

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