Spooky, creepy fun at LA Haunted Hayride

It’s Halloween every night at the innovative Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, need we say a “spooktacular” yearly event held in Griffith Park. We didn’t know witch way to turn at this interactive scare-fest so we jumped on the first hay wagon that came along and prepared to be frightened, scared and surprised by gory sights and sounds. It was all tons of fun but then we descended to a darker and more haunting depths with this year’s brand new and most imaginative theme to date, Secret Society. We were inducted into the Secret Society of Samhain, which actually means Halloween. This dark road of power and sacrifice takes place in the shadows and is a pretty graphic scene.

We were then “judged” and sent down the path of our status in this revolutionary twist along two different routes, giving hayriders–which have now been declared “society members”–different experiences. Inside the gates of the society, members bear witness to the clandestine lives of their faction and in a shocking turn, will be commandeered by the society and sent into an initiation, confronting the Ghosts of Hayrides Past, on foot and face to face.
For the first time ever, guests leave the safety of the hay wagon to confront more goblins, demented clowns, gory monsters, chain saw killers and axe murderers. Upon returning to our wagon, we continued down the secret road of power, corruption, influence, tyranny, and evil, allowing us to see that this day is not all about costumes and candy.

We then toured with trepidation a crazed interactive neighborhood that has doubled in size this year and tripled the mischief. In this suburb of Hell trick-or-treaters are welcome to go door to door and come face to face with its freakish occupants. You’ve always known your neighbors were a little off, and here they pull back the curtain…and give you a candy.

The charm and magic of this old world “haunted village” invokes the nostalgia of Halloweens past; you smell the freshly cut hay, feel the chill of cold fog, and see the deep, rich orange glow of jack o’ lanterns as you pass through the gates. If you still have stamina you van become a part of the show at Theatre Macabre, ride the Scary-Go-Round, enjoy food & drink at the Grub Shack, step into a murder scene or death device inside Death Row, shop in the Bootique, carve a pumpkin at Jack’s Carving Shack, witness an enchanting light show, or visit a psychic.

Perfect for a night’s entertainment for the entire family, recommended for ages 8 and up. Tickets start at $27 for the hayride only; $39 general admission, $30 VIP status, and $1495 for your own private hay wagon. Parking is ample and free. Open 7-12 midnight most Friday and Satudays, 7-10:30 pm Sundays and a few other days. At Griffith Park, 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, Phone: (310) 993-8289, http://www.losangeleshauntedhayride.com


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