Are You Using the Right Hairbrush?

Craving luscious, shiny hair while traveling, but all you seem to eek out is something far less? Don’t blame your shampoo or styling products. Simply put: you could be using the wrong hairbrush. The experts at Hotheads, the premier hairbrush line developed by stylists with over 50 years of experience of addressing a variety of haircare needs, share their tips on picking the perfect brush for your specific hair needs.

If your hair is fine, fragile, chemically treated, straight or curly, a Paddle brush is your ideal brush. Hotheads’ Grooming Paddle Plus can be used on wet or dry hair for detangling, and is great for blow dry styling, and grooming at night. It helps improve the overall health of your scalp and hair as the raised pad gently massages when you brush before bedtime. The brush combines 3 types of bristles giving shine and polish to the hair. If you have curly hair or unruly straight hair, and rarely brush your hair before shampooing, remember this tip: brushing your hair before you shampoo removes any tangles making it easier for the shampoo to distribute through the hair more evenly and efficiently. Can be uses on all lengths of hair. SRP: $19.62.

A Round brush is the perfect tool for fine, normal to thick and chemically treated hair. Hotheads’ Speed Brush Round Styler helps create volume, curls or a smooth, sleek finish. Will not tangle in the hair due to the design of the barrel/head of the brush. Also helps improve the performance of any hair dryer. Tip: Use the Small size for bangs, short bobs or to use for curling; Medium for shoulder length or longer; or Large for long or very thick hair. SRP: $24.29-$41.29 depending on the size.

The Enforcer/Mr. Smoothy (Round, styling brush) is a must for those with frizzy, unruly or chemically treated hair. Use it for creating a smooth, sleek finish. The design of the bristles organize the strands of hair evenly and smoothly giving you more control when styling and faster results with less time. Less heat is needed to create your desired look, while letting you smooth strands with less damage for delicate hair. Recommended for smoothing the hair just Drop the hair on the brush and Drag. Can be used on all hair lengths. SRP: $29.89.

Hotheads’ Hairbrushes are available at select retailers and salons nationwide or by visiting,

Hotheads is a division of Canadian-based True Cool Technology Enterprises, a technology driven brand, whose innovative haircare products are a combination of hybrid designs for speed, performance and superior hair quality. The complete collection includes the Paddle Plus Collection, the Enforcer, the Speed Brush Collection to date.

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