Carolina Elizabeth: an artist of tremendous talent

If you have always admired the delicate flower paintings of Fantin-Latour or Edouard Manet, you will love the work of Carolina Elizabeth, a Midwest artist of tremendous talent whose intent is simply to capture the beauty that she sees in nature, such as the flowers or beehives in her garden, and those items that show the hand of time or those that simply bring her joy.

We discovered Carolina on Instagram, of all places, only to discover her work is in prominent collections around the world and featured on the Jealous Curator and Create Magazine websites. This is the time to acquire one of her works of art; they are stunning small treasures and with prices from about $200, a rare bargain.

Carolina grew up in Honduras and always knew she would be an artist. Graduating with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma, she has honed her traditional oil painting techniques in a small home studio in Edmond, Oklahoma, where she paints “pretty things to share with others.” She strongly believes in the power of beauty and her fascination with beauty is what keeps her putting her magical brush to canvas.

Inspired by Old Masters like John Singer Sargent and Élisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun, Carolina’s work eloquently shows how a small flower can carry deep and meaningful symbolism and can be even powerful enough bring joy in times of both happiness and mourning.

Carolina paints on precious and long-lasting double primed Belgian linen or Italian linen panels and her current works focus on pale pink roses, peonies, ranunculus, hydrangea and other garden flowers which gently rest in translucent crystal or glass vases, silver pitchers Her popular Fashion Book series is an expression of flowers sitting on top of art books, a juxtaposed composition of style and grace.

Carolina Elizabeth’s paintings are never cloying or too sweet, a weakness we have found in less accomplished flower painters. Her works are often sketch paintings in oil as well as detailed studies. They manage to be both classic and fresh; serious yet playful. But eternal and full of life. ENTREE is proud to have several of her paintings in our permanent collection. They bring us
both cheerful pleasure and quiet introspection each and every day.

For more on Carolina Elizabeth, go to

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