Start the new year right with these

LVOV Vodka. Produced in Poland and distilled strictly from potatoes, this delicious vodka is 80 proof alcohol, four times distilled and four times filtered through an activated carbon process and candle process to give clarity and refinement. 100% gluten-free; not a grain base for those with grain allergies (celiac disease) and kosher. We loved its slightly herbal aroma with a touch of sweetness and found LVOV restrained and mellow on the palate with a bit of minerality and creamy finish. Perfect as a mixer or served ice cold or over ice on its own.

Tuscanini Parchment crackers from Kayco Foods are imported from the idyllic island of Sardinia, off the sunny Italian coast. Handmade using time-honored techniques to preserve the delicate flavor and texture they are perfect with antipasto, as a light snack or the sophisticated addition to an elegant Italian meal. Tuscanini Parchment Crackers come in three authentic Italian recipes all with a touch of olive oil. Best of all, they are baked, never fried, so they’re an ideal swap for flatbread, chips, or calorie-heavy snack crackers. Tuscanini is the maker of genuine brick wood oven personal pizzas, authentic home-style sauces, and hand-crafted biscotti, so it is no surprise these crackers are majestic–paper-thin and true treats.

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