CreekFire Motor Ranch, a high end campground of excellence outside Savannah

We can barely count the number of times that we’ve covered RV parks in ENTREE’s history. Because we’re pretty sure we haven’t ever.

Maybe we were just yet to see one as enchanting as CreekFire Motor Ranch, a new, 150-acre lakeside development about 20 miles from Downtown Savannah, Georgia. After a quick check-in over complimentary cookies, we drove past a secure electronic gate and through a tranquil campground of high-end RVs and the occasional tent set-up until we arrived at our accommodations. Fans of the tiny house craze would go gaga over this place, a small, picturesque shotgun cabin with a sleeping loft, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom unobtrusively folded into its frame.

We instinctively poured ourselves some wine and took to our porch to look out on the large, man-made lake across from us, as it steamed in the chilly dusk. In every direction, dense forest surrounded us, the air clean and quiet save for the symphony of singing birds. After a lovely night serenaded by a pounding Southern rain atop our rooftop, we enjoyed a long stroll around the lake, looking for any signs of the gators we were encouraged to avoid.

On a sunnier day, we might be out on the lake ourselves, taking advantage of the resort’s offered fishing boat, canoe and kayak rentals. Still, the setting and accommodations at CreekFire worked their magic on us, providing a beautiful, safe and banjo-free way to see the countryside that makes Georgia such a gorgeous destination. We promised ourselves we’d be back to experience this restorative property in full bloom. As in the months to come, more accommodations are being constructed on the property for the coming summer crowd, with the future additions of a clubhouse with games, a lazy river with waterslide, waterfront bar and restaurant to make sure all needs are met. CreekFire Motor Ranch,

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