Great books for the summer!

TEA SOMMELIER: A Step-By-Step Guide by François-Xavier Delmas and Mathias Minet (Abbeville Press). In this forthcoming book, the founders of the international tea brand, Palais de Thés, offer a fun and simple guide to becoming a tea expert. TEA SOMMELIER provides a straightforward, step-by-step approach to mastering the complexities of tea in 160 easy lessons. Each page features stylish illustrations designed to serve as a brief lesson on a specific topic, adding extra enjoyment to the process of becoming a true tea sommelier. Topics include the varieties of tea and where they are grown, how to select and prepare tea, how to taste and serve it, how to pair tea with food, and how to cook with tea. No matter how much time you have—ten minutes or an hour—TEA SOMMELIER will always teach you something new and interesting about tea.

EATALY’s ALL ABOUT PASTA, Rizzoli, a complete guide to learning how to make pasta the authentic Italian way, chock-filled with all you’ll ever need to know about pasta–tips, techniques, and recipes from the chefs of Eatly, the world’s greatest Italian food market.

SOUL: A Chef’s Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes published by Oxmoor House. James Beard-award Chef Todd Todd Richards defines soul food and soulful cooking by honoring tradition while still remaining free to explore experiment and draw inspiration from around the world. Richards is a talented and sensitive man who takes on one of our nation’s earliest and most cherished fusion cuisine with endless creativity. Creating and sharing are spiritual acts and with chapters organized by featured ingredients ie Collards, Onions, Berries etc., you will not only drool over the lavish photos, you’ll learn all about a way of cooking that joyfully fills hearts and stomachs. There are no limits to Richard’s ideas and his heartfelt prose is truly inspiring.

PRACTICAL ORGANIC GARDENING, The No-Nonsense Guide to Growing Naturally by Mark Highland, Cool Springs Press, will show you the latest, most-effective ways to eliminate chemicals and grow vigorous, healthy plants. Organic gardening is no longer “esoteric,” it has become mainstream and this hands-on book will appeal to any home gardener who wants to grow healthier food. Eminently useful, this is a complete and engaging guide with appealing graphics and photos.

COUNTERTOP GARDENS: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment, Cool Springs Press, will help those with little space who want to produce fresh, home-grown food, indoors. Author Shelley Levis is a genius at instructing us how to make sure our favorite herbs, greens, fruit and vegetables are within reach 365 days a year. If you want to become an expert in the world of indoor gardening, this book is for you.

RIVER CRUISING IN EUROPE AND THE USA 2018-2019 is the industry bible for millions of cruise-goers, industry leaders, travel agents and crew members worldwide. This, the newest edition of the world’s most authoritative and longest-running guide to river cruising and cruise ships is written by highly-respected expert Douglas Ward. Now in its 3rd edition and accompanied by an invaluable free app and eBook, this pioneering book also includes US steamboats for the very first time, making it a totally unique offering.
With rich, engaging practical information covering everything from booking and budgeting and life aboard, to in-depth destination detail, the book also reveals Berlitz’s Top Ten Scoring riverships, with over 320 riverships reviewed and rated.

RIVER CRUISING IN EUROPE AND THE USA 2018-2019: is fully updated and is the only full-colour guide to both European and American river cruising. The author, Douglas Ward, has world-leading expertise and unparalleled insight. He is the world’s foremost independent authority on cruising and cruise ships, with over 6,200 days on ships and riverships on almost 1100 cruises.
There is comprehensive quality content here: 320+ riverships are rated and reviewed in detail across 320 pages making this book unique as does nifty navigation that features full-color photography and mapping throughout. The experience-enhancing FREE app and eBook gives cruise-goers easy, instant access to ship reviews and practical information.

SIRIOUSLY DELICIOUS, 100 Nutritious (and Not So Nutritious) Simple Recipes for the Real Home Cook by Siri Daly, published by Oxmoor House-Tine Inc. Books, is fun, funny and creative, full of delectable unpretentious recipes that are easy-to-follow. Siri is a busy cook—a TODAY Food Contributor, Mother of three and wife of TODAY co-host Carson Daly. Her dishes are packed with comforting flavors and ingredients. The book’s foreword is by Savannah Guthrie, no less.

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