We think the Stainless Steel Shaker33 is the best cocktail shaker since prohibition, the latest innovation in cocktail shakers since the first speakeasy bartender shook up the first Sidecar. With its BPA-Free, stainless steel design, Shaker33 is revolutionizing the art of mixing drinks. Among the features of Shaker33 are its construction of lightweight acrylic and finished in stainless steel; shatterproof BPA-free Tritan™ plastic; 24 oz. large format to enable large cocktail batches to be mixed at once; leak-proof featuring an easy-to-open, lockable lid with a Dual Flow strainer for a slow or quick pour Low condensation– it chills drinks, not hands; a non-sippery and one-handed mixing capability; and top rack dishwasher safe. $39.95,

It won’t be long before Spring gardening is once again upon us…what garden lover wouldn’t appreciate a CGear Personal Sand-Free Mat that makes getting down to weed and care for plants, maintain your garden and harvest a true pleasure. CGear Personal Sand-Free Mat creates a clean place for you to sit. The patented fabric amazingly filters sand or dirt that lands on it through the open weave, but any particles of sand or dirt that are on the ground cannot work their way from the bottom of the mat to the top, so the surface stays clean. The lightweight three-foot by three-foot mat easily rolls up and can be carried on your shoulder and hung up for storage in the included bag and it is non-absorbent so it will never need to dry. About $48.

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