Time for holiday shopping: our best ideas

We hear jingle bells way off in the distance. It won’t be long now. So, let’s get cracking: time to shop. Here are some of our best recommendations for the coming holidays:

The latest innovation in the world of wine: Savino Connoisseur Wine Saving Carafe. Sure to be well received by any wine lover, Savino features an innovative float that seals users wine, preventing oxidation. A clever lid with rubber seal prevents spills. The carafe holds a full bottle of wine and fits in most refrigerators. With its elegant aesthetics, Savino is designed to maintain fresh wine for up to a week. Designed to maintain fresh wine for up to a week

Available in glass or plastic, for outdoor adventures; $49.95 (glass), $24.95 (plastic) Savino makes a great essential for the holiday season. http://www.savinowine.com

As we become more and more glued to our phones, computers and tablets, it’s no wonder that sleep deprivation is plaguing us all. Knowing the importance of getting restful sleep, Masters of Mayfair have created an ultra high-quality line of sleep accessories designed to promote deep relaxation and fight fatigue. They make perfect gifts. Their Luxury Sleep Mask is made from 100% natural, breathable cotton which is extra padded for comfort, and a luxury silk backing which cools the eyes and prevents overheating. The masks are infused with a natural lavender essential oil to aid relaxation and ease fatigue. Masks are also available in scent-free styles.

Masters of Mayfair also offers terrific Luxury Anti-DVT Travel Compression Socks,
a marvelous Luxury Inflatable Neck Pillow, and four calming Room & Pillow Sprays. https://us.mastersofmayfair.com

Shaker 33 is the best cocktail shaker since prohibition. Shaker 33’s patented design lets anyone create cocktails like a pro. The improved design makes crafting a world class cocktail easier and more joyful by eliminating the design flaws that plague traditional cocktail shakers. A locking lid is easy to attach, easy to remove, eliminates spills and leaks and never gets stuck. The patented, smooth pouring, removable strainer locks onto the shaker and includes two pouring options: large holes for faster pouring, smaller holes for better straining. Ergonomic design is lightweight, easy to hold and makes shaking with one hand comfortable and mess free. The modern materials are BPA-free, dishwasher safe and chill your delicious drink without freezing your hands. Shaker 33 elevates the simple to the sophisticated by modernizing and elevating the art of cocktail making. With Shaker 33 everyone can craft the perfect drink, add some flare to their shake and experience the joy of using a tool designed for today. Shaker 33 is manufactured in the USA of Eastman Tritan andSilicone, and is available in clear, frosted or black.

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