Luggage Forward: traveling without the burden of baggage

For more than a decade, Luggage Forward has been the world’s most trusted door-to-door white glove luggage shipping service. They’ve earned their reputation through a dedicated customer-first philosophy and by using advanced technology to provide the most reliable luggage delivery on the planet.

We experienced Luggage Forward’s great service on a recent trip to New York. We are pleased to report it all went like clockwork. We packed a day or two ahead of our flight. No stress. Luggage Forward sent us the proper forms to easily attach to our bags. We placed the bags outside our front door and voilà, Luggage Forward whisked them away right on time.

Of course, having no luggage made our check-in a delight. No stress again. Arriving in New York, we went straight to our taxi, no painful wait for luggage. At the hotel, we found our bags miraculously waiting in our hotel room.

We repeated the process on our return, packing and depositing our bags with the hotel concierge. A few days later, Luggage Forward had them at our doorstep, right on time.
We will never travel again without Luggage Forward. They back each bag with the world’s first money back plus $500 guarantee. And their automated process makes it easy and reliable to ship luggage internationally. They’re on call 24/7 and work easily on your schedule. You can book online or call them any time, their friendly, caring and efficient people are always there. Pricing is attractively competitive at Luggage Forward and count on saving excess baggage fees and customs hassles. Using them for golf clubs, skis, bicycles, strollers etc. is a breeze. Visit to ship luggage and arrive happy.

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