Thinking about the holidays? Think Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood

Our favorite hotel in L.A. is the Sunset Marquis Villas & Suites in West Hollywood a luxurious home-away-from-home for generations of creators and innovators, movers and magic-makers. A place where “luxury” defines not only fine amenities and attention to detail but the attentive way the team there caters to guests. The Sunset Marquis has it all: a first rate restaurant, Cavatina; a European-style spa; and a buzzy little bar, Bar 1200. There also an artist in residence, a rock and roll photography gallery; and one of the most successful recording studios in town, a 24-hour multi-media compound and the birthplace of records that changed the world.

West Hollywood is where it’s at, and the Sunset Strip is ideal for the perfect holiday retreat. Escape to Beverly Hills for shopping during the day, then return to the hotel’s 3 1/2 acre garden sanctuary to decompress in one of their two outdoor heated pools or with a poolside massage, all while indulging in holiday themed food and drink for that just-right California vibe. They’ve even extended their Autumn Escape package through the holidays for our best deal on room prices.

The hotel is creative and fun but has a very professional underpinning thanks to the discerning General Manager Rod Gruendyke. Rooms and suites are some of the biggest and best dressed in town, thanks to the wizardry of supremely talented designer Oliva Villaluz.

Book now, 1200 Alta Loma Road, West Hollywood, CA 90069, 800-858-9758; 310-657-1333 | FAX: 310-652-5300

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