OFF THE GRID: Houses for Escape: a new book that tells how to get away from it all

Getting away from it all and building a home in the wilderness, far from modern life’s everyday distractions is a dream for many. Showcasing some of the world’s most state-of-the-art hideaways in extraordinary and secluded natural environments—from forest retreats in upstate New York and Tasmania to open-air living in Maui and huts sheltered by snow-capped peaks in Norway, or perched on distant islands in New Zealand—the new book OFF THE GRID: Houses for Escape published by Thames & Hudson is the ultimate collection of homes designed to make the dream of escape a reality.

“One of the greatest delights of off-grid living is the special sense of freedom it offers,” writes author Dominic Bradbury (The Iconic House, Mountain Modern) in the book’s introduction. “Advances in home-generated renewable energy have made the process of going off-grid more practical and affordable than ever… As well as providing the context for a more meaningful sense of connection with nature, off-grid living is deeply in tune with the green imperative to reduce our environmental footprint and our damaging reliance on fossil fuels.”

In this lavishly illustrated volume, Bradbury explores the creative architecture and cutting-edge technologies that are redefining where and how we live. He reveals how innovative architects have made everyday living in wild and remote locations not only feasible—all of the homes featured in the book are largely self-sustaining in terms of energy, water, and, in some cases food—but also a rewarding and tempting reality.

Divided into three sections—“Countryside and Forest,” “Hillside and Mountain,” and “Waterside and Coast”—OFF THE GRID examines the diverse ways in which architects are tackling extreme climates, remoteness, and sustainability challenges to enable a new way of life that is both liberating and responsible, wherever on Earth you happen to be.

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