Prosecco is the perfect winter wine and for all other seasons, too

Yes, white and sparkling wines are those things we all sip while sitting on the beach or a city rooftop. But once summer’s over, believe it or not, we don’t necessarily have to say goodbye to a lovely crisp wine. Believe it or not, white wine can even have a place in your winter dining. We have found Prosecco is the ultimate food companion and perfect for cold weather, as it brings elegance and food-pairing versatility to a wide variety of meals, as well as refreshing your palate before, during and after meals.

Prosecco DOC can be enjoyed with a wide variety of dishes, in cocktails (think Bellinis!) and of course, by itself. Pop a bottle, or three, of Prosecco DOC. Try the Extra-Dry, with just the right amount of sweetness to elevate those rich, hearty winter dishes, and the ever popular and crisp Brut, to cut through those fatty dishes.

Two of our favorites: Soligo Brut from Treviso, fruity and floral with hints of apple plus a good balance between acidity and sugar.

Bacio Della Luna Brut, with lovely aromas of white stone fruits, crisp and fruity with pear and floral notes and a delightful lingering finish. Persistent bubbles make for fun drinking.

Don’t underestimate the power of Prosecco DOC as winter ends and spring begins. Deliciously priced Prosecco DOC (SRP $15-20) is truly the drink of choice for the winter. And Spring, Summer, and Fall, too.

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