THE FORAGED HOME by Oliver Maclennan with photography by Joanna Maclennan, Thames & Hudson, publishers, is a gem of a book that sings with creativity showing how homemakers are salvaging, recycling, and repurposing found and natural objects to create interiors that truly express their style. It really doesn’t take a fortune to make an amazing home, just an eagle eye and an open mind. The Maclennans show the way in text and photos why foraging is not only thrifty but also eco-friendly, whether in the woods, on the beach or in the city. We found their profiles of the best foraged homes and DIY techniques inspiring and informative.

In an era when sustainability, living off the grid, and reducing our eco-footprint have never been more important or appealing, THE FORAGED HOME provides wise guidance and inspiration to those looking to go beyond the world of mass-produced products.

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