Essential holiday books to give and get for 2019/2020

INSIDE OUTSIDE, A Sourcebook Of Inspired Garden Roooms by design maven Linda O’Keeffe, Timber Press, will help you design a space, add movement, create a mood, choose furniture, and anticipate the effects of time. An inspirational work that reminds us how useful it can be to turn our sensibilities inside out. The best outdoor spaces can be every bit as inviting and personal as our favorite rooms and expert O’Keeffe exuberantly shows us how. Her insights into creating exceptional outdoor living areas are ilustrated with dramatic color photography.

THE ARTIST’S GARDEN: How Gardens Inspired Our Greatest Painters, White Lion Publishing, by Jackie Bennett shows the intimate and often complex relationship between the gardens of great artists and how they illuminated their works. This splendid book is about the real homes and gardens of artists that can still be visited today and how they became the source of their ideas, professional motivation and private lives. A fascinating work.

CITY OF IMMORTALS, Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, by Carolyn Campbell, Goff Books, celebrates the noveltry and eccentricity of Pere-Lachaise through the engrossing story of the history of the site established by Napoleonic decree, along with portraits of the last moments of the cultural icons buried within its walls. An engrossing first-person account of this legendary necropolis that will delight Francophiles, tourists amd armchair travelers who will be enriched by the art and architecture, mystery and romance of the world’s most famous last resting place. Complemented by evocative images from photographer Joe Cornish.

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