ENTREE finds the best gift ideas for everyone on your list

Here’s an ideal and super-useful gift for the driver in your life: Limitless Innovations’ CHARGEHUB+ Auto Phone Mount and Wireless Charger brings power and convenience to any vehicle. Use the included Air Vent Clip or the Dashboard/ Windshield Mount to attach virtually anywhere. The wireless charging feature provides 10W of fast power to any compatible device and the motorized arms are enabled with automatic phone detection to grip a device when it is placed on the Foot of the Mount. Simply tap the touch sensors to release. The ChargeHub+ Auto Phone Mount has everything you need including a 2-Port USB Car Charger and a 32in USB-A to Type-C Cable. Available at limitlessinnovations.com. A true value at $59.99.

Bachan’s Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce from an authentic family recipe, great as a sauce or marinade on meat, fish veggies, rice or anything in-between. This amazing sauce has the sweet rich flavor of teriyaki with the body of a fine bbq sauce. The family uses real Mirin, premium Japan-brewed Non-GMO Soy Sauce, organic green onion, organic garlic, and organic ginger—all whole, fresh ingredients and no powders or flavorings. This should be a staple in every kitchen. From $13.99 at https://www.bachans.com/shop.

The Magnetic Wine Bottle Foil Cutter from Cork Pops, the perfect wine foil cutter The Foil Cutter will stay put on the refrigerator until you need to remove that stubborn foil from the top of a wine bottle. The Foil Cutter is built in so users simply place atop the wine bottle, twist the foil cutter and the foil is removed. Besides being functional and adorable, the Foil Cutter doubles as a refrigerator magnet when not on duty. MSRP $6 http://www.corkpops.com

Pale Blue: Lithium Polymer USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries make terrific gifts. These high performance, convenient, and sustainable means to ditching disposable batteries are the very smartest way to power your devices. These are the eco-friendly, fast-charging, micro-USB batteries of the future. Let’s face it, it’s 2019–so why are we still powering our lives with toxic, expensive batteries like it’s 1999? Most rechargeable batteries are unreliable, take forever to charge, and can’t hold that charge for very long–causing even the most tech-savvy and eco-friendly among us to be hesitant to trust them in our most important devices. Pale Blue is a new kind of rechargeable battery that works differently. Using lithium polymer, Pale Blue gets charged quickly (under 1 hour for AAA, under 2 hours for AA) and stays charged for longer—all using a simple microUSB port. Best of all: they save money, keep toxic traditional batteries out of landfills, and save space because you do not need to pack extra batteries. Brilliant. https://paleblueearth.com

Why not give earbuds thaty are actually designed for active use. The problem with a lot of wireless earbuds and headphones is they are not waterproof making them less than ideal for workouts or inclement weather. Plus, a lot of them that just sit inside your ear tend to fall out if you’re being even slightly active. The Truly Wire-free Earbuds (IAEBTW59B) from iLive ($79.99) are a great holiday gift option because in addition to being waterproof they have a sporty hook design that wraps around the ears keeping your earbuds in place even during intense workouts or when traveling if you doze off on a flight and your head flops to the side. There are no concerns of an earbud popping out.

Make someone’s life easier with MP Magic socks. They are odorless, breathable antibactertial and extremely comfortable. Guaranteed to keep feet dry and stink free. These innovatve socks can be worn for up to six days without needing a wash. A must-have for travelers. The price of MP Merino Wool Socks is $19 a pair, http://www.mpmagicsocks.com. MP Magic Socks are the best odorless socks on the market: natural best performance fiber meets high technology. Good for a week of stink free travel, most definitely a traveler’s must-have.

Magnetized dress shirts from Magna Ready. These magnetic-infused shirts make dressing easy and combine functionality with fashion. A patented design gives the appearance of traditional button closures with concealed magnets for easy open and close. 100% cotton with fine needle tailoring, they come in many styles and colors. Durable, and timeless, machine washable, stain resistant and wrinkle free. http://www.magnaready.com

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