The Queens’ Jewels: handcrafted, delicate jeweled wine glassware

ENTREE wants to introduce you to the The Queens’ Jewels exclusively distributed by Cork Pops. This handcrafted, delicate collection of jeweled wine glassware is designed to complement life’s beauty and to flaunt drinker’s individual personality. This is where to go for innovative bar items, glassware and accesories to make your parties more exuberant.

Our favorite seasonal glasses are: Christmas Hat, Christmas Tree, Reindeer and Snowflake. Each comes in stemless ($23.50) or stemmed ($26.50)

Cork Pops also offers Glass Glitz, a clever line of edible glitter sugar or salt rimmers for cocktails, martinis, margaritas and more! Depending on the size glass, champagne or martini, you can rim anywhere between 30-60 glasses. Sprinkle on tequila soaked watermelon for a delicious treat. And we can’t live without their Original Cork Pops wine opener that cvomes with one refills cartridge. Each cartridge opens approximately 60 bottles of wine. Be it carafes, colorful insulated can sleeves, aerators, towels, they’ve got it all at

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