Tipson Tea: Innovative Tea Expressions with the Essence of Wellness

Amazing and innovative Tipson teas are for everyone, especially those who are on a health and wellness journey for improving their overall well-being.

Tipson offers an expertly blended collection of delicious teas that are as invigorating and good for you as they taste. Tipson Tea is a phenomenal brand that serves to provide products meant to inspire people to make healthier food and beverage choices. They also strive to integrate their product in to the daily routines of consumers in a simple and fun-filled way.

We have happily tasted all of the Tipson teas. We are strongly attracted to their Organic Turmeric Collection, powerful and warming anti-inflammatory teas that soothe and detoxify. Their Organic Matcha Collection leaves us refreshed with a range of sensational flavors combined with organic matcha. Tipson’s Organic Moringa Collection is a delightful range of herbal infusions bursting with natural goodness of the “miracle tree,” the Moringa.

Organic Tulsi teas by Tipson deliver a unique, zesty spin to the holy basil plant. Organic Ashwaghandha, also known as Indian Ginseng is a powerful tea, known for energizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tipson’s Brew La La line of organic teas are full of style and taste. The names alone are enough to suggest another flavor dimension: Blueberry Green tea, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, Ginger Lemon Green tea, Ginger Mango Green tea, Acai Berry Green tea, Vanilla Chai Green tea and scores of others.

Tipson’s brand is spearheaded by amazing personal and professional skills as they operate with effective and efficient communication skills, time management, attention to detail and organization. Better quality packaging and ingredients, delectable taste profiles, and unique product flavors and blends, are some of the elements that set them apart from others.

Drawing inspiration from the research done into the nutritional and functional benefits of herbs and fruits, Tipson seeks to provide these benefits whilst giving a unique and flavorful experience to their consumers. In many of their products, they have used organic herbs and blended them with natural flavors.

Tipson has set up their own manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka with marketing, finance and administration centralized at the same location. This ensures that they have total control over the quality of their products and guarantee that the best possible products are made for consumers. Tipson teas available at retail outlet chains and online for purposes of distribution and currently in the US, Trinidad, Chile, Russia and are looking at expanding into other markets.

Adding twist to conventional health and wellness products by enhancing the taste and generally creating a different experience for consumers, Tipson’s drive is to help them make healthy choices that they can actually enjoy and love.

From the ingredients and to the packaging itself, Tipson uses only the best quality materials for their products, rigorously sourcing our organic and natural ingredients only from suppliers that meet high ethical and operational quality requirements. Striving to be the number one brand choice for consumers within health and wellness category, Tipson capitalizes on three main strongholds- highest quality, natural or organic and functionality.

Last but not least, Tipson is an admired leader in conscious packaging. Their tea bags do not contain glue, staples or adhesive so that Tipson tea drinkers can experience the cleanest ingredients possible.

Check out for more on this incredible tea company.

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