Hi-tech recharging gadget makes traveling easier: myCharge’s HubPlus Universal

Recharging a smartphone usually requires travelers to stop what they are doing and search for the nearest wall outlet as well as spend time untangling the charging cords. Enjoy your trip without interruptions and leave the cords at home with myCharge’s HubPlus Universal. The high-quality portable battery offers up to 4x extra battery life and features built-in Apple Lightning and USB-C cables along with wall prongs to directly recharge the unit. Travelers can simply slip the HubPlus Universal in their luggage, carry-on bag or purse and have instant power on-the-go.

So portable with built-in cables, myCharge allows you to ditch the charging cables; with the HubPlus portable battery charger, devices plug directly into the power pack for 6700 mAh / 3.4A shared output and up to 4x cell phone battery backup. This is an all-in-one power bank, the best portable phone charger for the backup needed to stay powered anytime, anywhere. A foldable wall plug functions as a wall charger adapter, and also recharges the powerbank simultaneously (Recharge = 3.2 hours)

Small and fast charging, there is an immense amount of power and travel safe convenience is contained in something no larger than a deck of cards–this slim external battery charger will charge your cell phone 3x faster than the original Apple iPhone charger cube.

Best of all is it universal compatibility: this device allows you to give the gift of power and share a cord with family, friends, coworkers, or even a stranger: iPhone Charger Lightning Cable & USB Type C Cables are case compatible and work with most devices, and a USB port for external connections

The awesome myCharge’s HubPlus Universal is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any traveler. $39.99 at amazon.com. Designed in Michigan using only the finest materials to ensure a long lasting premium design and covered by a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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