There has been a dramatic surge in private jet travel as a result of the coronavirus and we have exactly the company you should turn to. Apollo Jets is hands down the preeminent provider of private jet charter services in the industry. In our opinion, Apollo provides the safest and most reliable solution in the charter market today.

Albert Braha is a wizard who is able to recommend the best positioned aircraft on each and every mission for his clients who make up a Who’s Who of industry, society, sports royalty, entertainment stars and top drawer music talent. Albert’s reputation is a man of total integrity who takes great pride in providing the best value to his clients using the most modern technology to locate the right aircraft from a vast accredited worldwide network. He is also known for charm, discretion and service. Happy clients say he never sleeps and can be reached 24-7 to respond with speed to emergencies and last minute requests. Let’s face it, commercial air travel today is a nightmare: we need more than simple solutions to solve the problems that the TSA is creating at airports around the country. Airline elite and mileage programs have eroded to the point where we find them useless. Strikes, surly flight attendants, long waits, slashed routes, add-on charges, shrinking seats all combine to create hell in the skies.

If you value your time and money, contact Albert Braha and Apollo, Abraha@apollojets.com. And remember, he never sleeps.

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