Brilliant new books

THE LAND GARDENERS: CUT FLOWERS, Thames & Hudson, by Bridget Elworthy and Henrietta Courtland tells the story of how the authors revived the cutting gardens at Wardington Manor in Oxfordshire, England. The gardens of this Jacobean manor house had lain dormant for more than 30 years but Elworthy and Courtland worked their magic to bring the manor and its glorious floral mosaic back to life. This book blends gorgeous visuals with detailed and practical knowledge, valuable planting and growing advice, a must-have for flower lovers. This book is inspirational and beautiful beyond words, a joy to hold, receive or give. This book will be published in the U.S. on May 5.

POPO DANES: BALI INSPIRED, Architecture for the Tropical World by Diana Darling, Rizzoli, explores architect Popo Danes’s extraordinary buildings that are well known for being designed to balance human sensitivity with nature. Danes has always been focused on functionality, ensuring his buildings are aligned with natural surroundings and that there is a strong connection between a property’s architecture, inetrior, landcape and local heritage. Popo Danes’s reputation stretches far beyond his native Bali. His signature buildings–private residences, boutique hotels, villas, and resorts–are located in many places across the world but are concentrated on the island of Bali where his work celebrates local heritage through a contemporary aesthetic. Popo is known for designing beautiful buildings that have been carefully shaped for a tangible balance between human and nature. As an architect, he has always been concerned with functionality, ensuring his buildings are aligned with the natural surroundings and that there is a strong connection between the property’s architecture, interior, and landscape.

The book explores Popo’s body of work by surveying his unusual approach, his inspirations, and his way of working, showing the uniqueness of his artistice process. Complete with plans and drawings, and stunning photography by Rio Helmi, this handsome large format volume explores this talented architect’s body of work showing the uniqueness of his creative process.

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