LIVING IN PARADISE: At Home in the Tropics: Bali, Java & Thailand brims with the best of tropical residential designs. Architecture and interior design experts Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter have selected unique interiors that will inspire readers to create their own paradises. The stunning venues in lush settings profiled range in style from the environmentally sustainable utilizing indigenous materials, such as thatching and bamboo, to breezy courtyard spaces. These homes take into account the dramatic natural landscapes–some are surrounded by tropical plantings, while others open onto dramatic sun-drenched beaches. The interiors incorporate organic textures such as cane and bamboo furnishings, some covered in exotic Indonesian fabrics, including ikat- and batik-style textiles. Pool pavilions with decorative roof details are perfect for outdoor entertaining, and infinity pools are presented as a striking and organic part of the landscape. Beautifully photographed, this will inspire readers with design ideas that can be gleaned from these breathtaking dwellings. Published by the graat house of Rizzoli.

The Kingdom of Bhutan has become the premier model for the humane management of large dog populations, living freely. Bhutan’s wild dogs are an important part of the area’s ecosystem and live in harmony with the human residents. In SENTIENT BEINGS IN THE KINGDOM OF BHUTAN, Balboa Press, author Laurie S. Chambers provides an inspirational book of photographs and stimulating words, capturing the four-legged and two-legged sentient beings caring for one another in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Chambers’ book depicts the spirit and essence of the area, its inhabitants, and the teachings of Buddha, while perfectly demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between the various forms of life and their value. “Stray dogs peacefully co-exist in the kingdom alongside humans and other animals,” Chambers said, “because its residents abide by the wisdom of the Buddha, who expounded that sentient beings currently living in the animal realm have been our family and friends in past incarnations.” After traveling in Bhutan, Chambers reflected on the photographs she captured and the messages she felt in the eyes of the dogs she encountered. None showed fear or despair. Rather, Chambers felt inspirational words coming to her through them. She referred to “Kotodama,” the Japanese belief that supernatural power dwells in words, as they came alive to her in each image. Through these images and their inspired words, Chambers provides hope and positivity to share with others. “Hope and love are all around us and come in many forms,” Chambers said. “The respect for life, in all its forms, is something sacred. We are all interconnected and serve purpose, and help is always available and constant.”

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