Monseigneur le Vin’s THE ART OF DRINKING WINE (Like The French Do) published by the one-and-only Rizzoli is a distinctly cheeky but highly informative French introduction to the art of drinking and appreciating wine. Originally published in French in 1927 as part of a set of promotional books for French wine distributor Nicolas, this is a lovely illustrated jewel of a wine primer brought back into print.

As you’d expect from a country that loves its wine (and mostly prefers to drink its own), there are lots of dos and don’ts to drinking wine like the French. This beautifully-bound guide to French wine etiquette that enable you to pass muster in th ebest of company, without too many raised eyebrows. The content is perfectly relevant to today’s wine lovers, presented with charm: wine information like bouquet, color, and taste profile is essentially the same today, and Montorgueil’s reverence for wine is delivered with an élan and is oh-so-very French, with observations like “A full-bodied red wine wants to be laid on its side and made cozy.” Delightful and informative, this little book is sure to appeal to new and experienced wine lovers alike.

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