Two Excellent Rosés to Try This Summer

This is a very different summer from any we’ve had in the past. But that doesn’t mean that you should write off a good rosé. Rosé is exactly what we all need right now, because it’s such a beautiful, delicious reminder that sunny days absolutely do lie ahead. Here are two that truly inspire us, both the lightest pink color and singing of fruit:

Sainte Beatrice, Cotes de Provence, a wine with a mineral texture and almond flavors. Taut and tight, it hints at fruit rather than shouting about it. The result is a rich, rounded wine, full of ripeness and best with food rather than as an aperitif.

Chateau Roubine, Cru Classe, light and fruity, a typical Provencal wine, salmon pink in color, totally refreshing. Delicate and subtle aromas of lemongrass, spices and hops.

Owned by Valerie Rousselle & family, Chateau Roubine and Chateau Sainte-Beatrice are known as the wineries of excellence as both vineyards respect the regional winemaking region while using the most modern techniques. The specificity of each of them is to grow grapes organically, while working with sustainable and biodynamic agriculture.

The wines are elaborated in the purest respect of nature and environment, soil and biodiversity. The production is limited in order to seek the optimal grape maturity to deliver fantastic wines full of sunshine, delicate tastes and flavors.

These Cotes de Provence wines are found on the finest gastronomic tables and are exported around the world.

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