THE ICONIC AMERICAN HOUSE published by Thames & Hudson is an essential book on modern American architecture that showcases fifty of the most innovative houses in the United States since the beginning of the 20th century. From writer Dominic Bradbury and photographer Richard Powers (The Iconic House and The Iconic Interior), this new volume spotlights some of the most important, timeless, and recognizable houses from coast to coast, designed by such architects as Walter Gropius, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson, Richard Neutra, Peter Eisenman, and Thomas Gluck, with specially commissioned photography, floor plans, drawings, insightful texts, and architect biographies.

This compendium of 50 of the most innovative, timeless, recognizable and influential residential buildings spanning the United States since the beginning of the twentieth century is illustrated with over 400 color photographs. Some of the world’s greatest architectural masterworks since 1900 are featured, works that created groundbreaking innovations in American residential architecture. Though wide-ranging in style, these houses share a remarkable sensitivity to site and context; appreciation of local materials; experimentation with form, materials, and technology; and understanding of clients’ needs.

The text is concise, informative and fresh and the illustrations vibrant, perfect for students, professionals, design aficionados, and anyone who dreams of building a house of their own. 400 color illustrations add the the glory of this book.

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