MP Merino Wool Socks 37.5–A Game Changer, Keep Your Feet Forever in 37.5°C(99.5°F)

MP Magic Socks is not a new brand in sock industry, they launched their first product in 2017, and famous for their odorless technique. Many major websites have tested and reviewed these socks including Forbes, Mirror, The Times (two times), Mashable, Glamour, GQ, Daily Mail and USA today etc., which usually do not pay attention to little stuffs like socks.

Here is their official website

Last year, they launched their first generation of MP Merino Wool Socks, which got the highly appreciation of media and YouTuber friends.

Here is the link you can learn more about the first generation of MP Merino Wool Socks:

The company never stops exploring the socks field and always puts customers’ demands ahead of all considerations. After gathering the feedback and advices from customers, MP Merino Wool Socks 37.5 have just come on the market.

As we all know, Merino wool is the gift from nature, known for its superior thermoregulation, natural moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. And with the added warmth of 37.5 technology, it enhances the heat preservation and odorless function. Even when the temperature drops, keep up the pace with Merino Wool and 37.5 technology.

The benefits of 37.5 technology: Keep your feet warm in 37.5°C; they are odorless, they dry quickly and they never wash out. Check out their exciting campaign:

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