A few excellent ideas to fill your bag of gifts this season:

We think the stylish White Elm Aquila Vegan Tote Bag is the bee’s knees to carry our precious goods in.  It’s environmentally conscious, designed by a busy mom, spacious enough to carry everything you need for a day or weekend outing. shopwhiteelm.com or Amazon.

Stay charged up and connected in style this season with Classy Chargers. Customizable so that you can put your monogram, name or a design on it. Choose from any colors you want-sports team, college, club, etc. These charging cubes and stylish cords let you know whose is whose. classychargers.com 

We all know that germs and viruses are out there, so what better way to quickly clean and sanitize your shoes and bag when on the go than SneakErasers. The unique composition of sponge and shammy is created with a secret, all-natural cleaning formula and are individually wrapped to fit even in the smallest of bags. Stay fashionable and clean. sneakerasers.com or Amazon.

Tis the season to be jolly. But, what if you were too jolly the night before? H-PROOF’s two black cherry chews can be taken after your last drink to prevent the next day blues. It’s packed with 15 science-supported ingredients including vitamins, electrolytes and immune-boosters. H-PROOF boosts alcohol metabolism, restores vital nutrients and detoxifies the liver. Gluten and sugar-free. No regrets with H-Proof. h-proof.com or Amazon.

Always, always carry an extra mask or two with you. Thompson tee’s face masks are reusable, washable, double-layered and made with a premium breathable cotton-CDC cloth mask recommendation.  thompsontee.com/face-masks or Amazon.

Throw a silky throw in your bag for those extended trips where you never know you’ll need a throw. Mambe Silky WaterProof Throw Blankets are wonderfully soft and cozy. And a waterproof barrier makes it perfect for short jaunts or weekend travels, especially on trains or planes. They come in 4 sizes, colors/reversable, easy to wash and guaranteed for life. Shake out the pet hair easily and bring your blanket, wherever you go. mambeblankets.com or Amazon.

Sleek, yummy like butter and easy to carry, Celestial Silk luxurious pillowcases have 30% more silk than the others. Be prepared for any sleepover this season. These creatures of comfort cases regulate body temperature, keep the bed-head frizz under control, prevent face wrinkles; are naturally hypoallergenic and repel common allergens. celestialsilk.com or Amazon.

Sitting for long periods of time no matter where you are causes sore, tired and tense muscles. Rawlogy makes e-cool-logically cork stress balls that are easy to throw in your bag, but ready to give you a self-massage experience anywhere. Ultralight, eco-friendly, ethically produced and travel ready. rawlogy.com or Amazon.

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