PigWizard, the Monterey, California restaurant known for its delicious lamb, chicken, and pork sandwiches, sausages, house-made pickels, and pork rinds also has a sensational PorkCorn and owner Jonathan Christopher Roberts is doing his part by donating part of the profits from their sales (and logo merchandise sales) to help relief and recovery efforts of volunteer brigades in the area as well as three families that lost their homes.

PigWizard’s Sweet Heat Caramel Pork Corn is a magical melange of pork rinds carefully blended with sugar, bacon fat, molasses, chili flake, wine vinegar and orange syrup to yield a very taste treat. Their Beer Bacon Caramel PorkCorn adds beer for an irresistible snack. Two new flavors, Mocha and Maple Ginger, are in the works for a four-flavor holiday pack.

5.5 oz. bags are priced at $7.32 and can be ordered at pigwizard.com.

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