Books make such outstanding gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world. So, here are some of our best ideas for great book giving

We loved SHEER ELEGANCE by Giudeppe Longo, the amazing story of Kenneth, the ultra-talened hair stylst who became a legend by doing the hair of so many dazzling women of the 20th century. Published by Schiffer, this book explores in fascinating print and glamorous photos Kenneth’s pioneering career that transformed the fashion industry. Kenneth was the darling of the A-list who swore by his skills. Jacqueline Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and Gloria Vanderbilt were just a few of the grand dames who were his loyal clients. Kenneth was an extraordinary talent and his story of success and struggles is riveting.

HOUSE PLANT PARTY by Lisa Eldred-Steinkopf is packed full of fun projects and growing tips for epic indoor plant. If you believe houseplants make epic guests, this one-of-a-kind book is for you. Discover dozens of amazing leafy roomates who won’t make a mess, don’t talk back and are drama-free. The author provides helpful tips to beautify your space and calm your senses. Sep-by-step plans for decorating with fun and creative houseplants assure your world will be green and gorgeous, Published by Cool Springs Press.

SECRET GARDENS OF SOMERSET, A Private Tour by Abigal Willis with captivating photography by Clive Boursnell is a personal tour of 20 of the UK’S most beguiling gardens in the much-loved southwest of England, an area defined by its distinctive horticulture, rolling hills, picturesque villages and the most traditional English landscape. Published by Frances Lincoln.

ABELLA STARTS A TOOTH FAIRY SCHOOL by Zane Carson Carruth is a magical story for the little ones that will challenge their imagination, inspire their fantasy and lead them to adventure. Children who love the book series World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever will now be able to read about Abella and her best friend, Darcie, attending a tooth fairy school after Abella returns to Tulip Hollow with the first tooth in Abella Starts A Tooth Fairy School. In her third book, award-winning Houston-based author and philanthropist imaginatively writes about Abella and Darcie’s adventures, challenges, and problems that they solve by combining their courage and bravery as Abella starts her very own tooth fairy school. This exciting tale is all about taking charge and solving problems.

LEATHERCRAFT, Traditional Handcrafted Leatherwork Skills and Projects by Nigel Armitage, Schiffer Publishing, is a guide for those who want a clear traditional focus, who believe quality matters and who want to learn traditional techniques to use in modern ways. Authored by a renowned craftsman, this book will allow you to apply new methods to create leather projects that will become heirlooms. Armitage’s fine book will take your leather creations to a new level with his skilled teaching.

MAKING LIVING LOVELY, Free Your Home With Creatiuve Design, is full of inspirstion for designing our interiors. Russell Whitehad and Jordan Cluroe will lead you to a more stylish life in a home created just fot you. This is a worthy interiors book by two gentlemen who truly understand how close the relationship between our emotional well-being and living space truly is. Published by Thames & Hudson. This is a book about empowerment, identity, kindness and pride that will not only enable you to make a home that facilitates your life but lifts your spirits.

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