SUDS2GO for travelers who want good, ole’ fashioned soap and water on the road for themselves and their familes. The market is flooded with hand sanitizer choices — enough already — but the CDC says that soap and water are the safest against Coronavirus and Flu. This is a novel new way to soap-and-wash-on-the-go. No harsh sanitizers. Fast, efficient, stylish and super practical. Time for good ole’ soap and water — on the go.  Suds2go is part of the solution. No more dry, dirty or rough hands. No more harsh sanitizers. From soccer and baseball practice, to spur-of-the-moment picnics in the park and weekend camping trips, most families have made the outdoors a second home.  It doesn’t take long to realize that something as simple as washing hands when away from home, getting hands truly clean, can be a major challenge. Suds2Go. Bring Suds2Go with you on your outings and with a single pump, you have foamy soap in the palm of your hand.  It’s an ultra-convenient way to wash your hands wherever you happen to be and the first patented & portable hand washing system available. With just a couple of pumps, you’ll have ultra-convenient foam in the palm of your hand and its spout delivers a controlled stream of water to wash them. Helps you eliminate the #1 cause of illness in adults and children by simply washing your

HYPERCHARGER XX takes magnetic true wireless charging to the next level, a true wireless charger compatible for Qi Wireless devices and all USB chargeable devices. HyperCharger XX is the perfect iPhone 12 accessory and works with all Smartphones using Qi-wireless charging including iPhone 8 to iPhone 12.

Using a combination of advanced proprietary charging and magnetic mounting technologies with innovative design and lifestyle features, the HyperCharger XX™ is the one phone accessory that users will not want to live without.  Designed for both Apple and Android phones, the HyperCharger XX™ features a variety of ports and technologies to power up devices. It can charge any smartphone and device with Qi-wireless charging technology including Apple iPhones from Generation 8 to the new iPhone 12. Unique to the HyperCharger XX™ is its ability to magnetically snap to any smartphone, desk or car magnetic mount. It also features a vibrant LED display that indicates the battery capacity and when it is in HyperBoost mode for rapid charging. 

This convenient 11,000 mAh 8-in-1 portable powerbank charger is the perfect home dock, a wireless pad with 20 watt hyperboost PD USB input/output port, 20 watt QC3 USB-A output port, that simultaneusly charges and cam be used as a car dock. Capable of delivering up to 5x full charges with up to 15W charging power. Comes with a hypermag micro-USB rechargimng cable and alignment strips. $59.99 but for a special holiday 30% discount code, go to, code: hyperholidays30

THIS HOLIDAY, bring home 120 decibels of outdoor, battle-tested spine-tingling thrills with Turtlebox. Because when it comes to outdoor music under the sun and stars — especially on a boat, in a canoe, on a bike or flying through the air by way of ATV — it needs to be loud, clear and full. And it better be rugged and weather proof. Turtlebox is the ideal solution, the world’s loudest, most rugged outdoor portable speaker on the planet. With an IP67 Water Ingress Protection Rating (meaning it’s completely sealed from water and dust), you can throw Turtlebox in a pool, drop it in a lake, wash it off with a jet hose, and it’ll still play loud and clear. In addition, played at full volume will get you 6+ hours of playing time; at 50% volume you can play for days . The Turtlebox team is based out of Houston, TX, where they enjoy canoeing, fishing, sailing, biking, hunting, eating good BBQ with family and friends. So, the first Turtlebox was born out of necessity. After breaking every “loud” product on the market through routine outdoor use, the idea of the Turtlebox was born in the friends’ garage, not as a business but just for personal use.

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