Gindo’s “Spice of Life” line of fresh pepper hot sauces are handrafted to inspire creativity in the kitchen and support local farms. Based in the western suburbs of Chicago, the company is spicing up the craft hot sauce industry with their chef-inspired flavors and commitment to manufacturing everything in-house.

Gindo’s Hot Sauces are delicious and complex. Equally important, they’re natural and made with fresh whole peppers and carefuly sourced sea salts. Like a good craft beer, Gindo’s flavors are imventive, dynamic and perfectly paired with certain foods. Simple and versatile for everyday use, these rapid-fire small batch limited releases are the perfect remedy for lovers of spicy delights.

Our favorite spices are their Original (tangy and sweet), Jalapeno Poblano (vibrant and zesty) and Honey Habanero (luciously sweet with a fiery finish). A bottle is priced at $10. These are so much more than just hot sauces. Gindo’s Hot Sauces enhance and make literally everything taste better by adding flavor, aroma, color, texture and even nutrients. Visit gindos.com

Soup has been called “a way of life.” And soup has changed people’s lives…after all, what do we turn to in times of need to console, heal and reflect? For most of us it’s SOUP!

We were thrilled to have discovered a small company called Santa Barbara Soups. They have created a mouth-watering line of flavorful, nutrient-rich meal options made from the very best ingredients: fiber-rich legumes, grains, quinoa, vegetables and quality spices. All of their products are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free.

Owner/creator Alanna Wiltshire, a busy Mother of two, knows just how important nourishing and simple-to-cook one pot meals are in any pantry. Her attractively packaged products are the quintessential comfort food for the entire family. They also make great gifts.

We are especially fond of her Coconut Lentil Curry, Moroccan Quinoa, Vegetable Bean Chili, Corn Chowder, Quinoa Enchilada Casserole, each $13.50 and a marvelous Rice Pudding, $9.50. We haven’t tasted something so good and so nutritous for some time. The whole family will celebrate with Santa Barbara Soups on the table. http://www.santabarbarasoups.com

At Killer Creamery, desserts have never been healthier or more delicious! They are committed to providing everyone, no matter your diet or lifestyle, something sweet to indulge in without the guilt that comes with the sugary alternatives. All of their creamy ice cream pints contain C8 MCT oil, only 2 to 3 net carbs, and zero added sugar. Just 170 calories a serving and deliriously tasty.

Killer Creamery is commited to purity and nutritional value. Their unique recipe features C8 MCT oil from coconuts, allulose, a low-calorie sugar that doesn’t cause sugar spikes, and a prebiotic fiber, which offers anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular system health benefits.

So, the next time you’re craving some keto ice cream, simply visit a retailer near you or shop our online store, and they’ll deliver. Buy a pint online and have it delivered to your home. Indulge in every rich, decadent spoonful whenever you’re craving for something sweet. There are 8 decadent flavors, two of our top choices are Peanut Blubber amd Jam Session. $41.94 a six pack. Visit killercreamery.com and ditch carbs, not ice cream!

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