Savor the California-Grown Coffee Tasting Experience, from the Comfort of your Own Home, with the Latest Releases from FRINJ

Traveling anywhere these days is difficult, but those looking to shake up the sameness of staying home can now awaken to a fresh, new way of getting their morning caffeine fix: California coffee. Through the coffee varietals grown and roasted by FRINJ Coffee, one can drink in all that California’s various localities have to offer when it comes to specialty craft coffee.

Description automatically generatedFrom the bright, vibrant colors of The Flower Fields farm in Carlsbad, CA to the rolling foothills of Santa Barbara, CA where the FRINJ Coffee farm is nestled, both not far from the Pacific Coast, coffee enthusiasts everywhere can take a sensory journey to different regions of California from the convenience of their own home by trying different FRINJ coffees each week. FRINJ works with farms as far south as San Diego County and as far north as San Luis Obispo County, teaching local, California farmers how to interplant coffee amongst their fruit orchards. The result is a memorable coffee experience, showcasing the terroir and individuality of the farm it originated from. Based in Goleta, CA, just north of Santa Barbara, FRINJ Coffee is grown on the family-owned and operated farm Good Land Organics, which gained a distinction as California’s first coffee farm when a dash of crazy, hope, and instinct drove farmer, agronomist, and FRINJ CEO, Jay Ruskey to start planting coffee in a non-tropical environment. In 2002, Ruskey planted his first coffee crop to see if it could even grow outside the tropics, but it was not until 2017 that he incorporated the FRINJ Coffee brand. Since then, FRINJ has developed a “whole systems solution” to specialty coffee production, through which it works with over 60 farms in Central and Southern California who grow FRINJ Coffee. Each FRINJ Coffee reflects the terroir of the farm on which it was grown, as well as the farming style of its growers, resulting in a fresh, top-tier cup of Joe that will provide coffee enthusiasts everywhere a unique savory experience. Trying out FRINJ’s new coffees like The Flower Fields, Estate Blend, with flavors of stone fruit, maple, and spice, brings one on a culinary trip to Carlsbad Ranch in the San Diego region, while the white grape, cocoa butter, and honey clover flavors of Valley Heart Ranch, Pacas, take one to the eponymous equestrian ranch in Santa Barbara. FRINJ Coffee’s latest releases also include Quail Haven, Caturra, grown in a youthful orchard in Encinitas and containing flavors of allspice, candied apple, and nutmeg, as well as two coffees grown right at FRINJ’s home base, Good Land Organics. Those are Good Land Organics, Caturra, with flavors of candied lemon, a bright grapefruit acidity, and a sweet touch of pomegranate, and Good Land Organics, Laurina, sweet and juicy, mixing flavor profiles of maple syrup, lemongrass, and chamomile flower with almost half the caffeine content typical of the rest of the arabica species, making a perfect treat for evenings. These and other FRINJ Coffee releases can be purchased online at

FRINJ Coffee FRINJ Coffee is a late-stage growth company, coffee breeder, and luxury coffee producer. In 2002, Farmer & Agronomist Jay Ruskey planted a trial crop of coffee at his family-owned and operated farm in the hills of Santa Barbara, California, called Good Land Organics. Ruskey proved that coffee could be grown successfully outside of tropical regions and put California coffee on the map! The farm takes the coffee experience full circle, from seed to harvest to roast to cup. FRINJ Coffee was incorporated in 2017, setting out to provide California farmers an opportunity to diversify their farm portfolios. Today, they support 65 farms in the coastal climates of Central and Southern California. Their science-forward services span from production to post-harvest to product marketing, ensuring excellence from the field to the cup. For more information, visit FRINJ Coffee online.

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