Take in the Unique Landscape of Jerez with Sherry

Picturesque vineyards in carefully planted rows are only one part of the beauty of wine country. The best places to grow grapes are often dramatic backdrops that offer breathtaking scenery among the terroir of the vineyard, and this is absolutely true in Jerez. While there are many examples around the world, the vineyards and bodegas represented by the Consejo de Jerez that produce Sherry have some of the most unique and beautiful landscapes to travel to through your glass. 

The triangle of land between Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa María creates the unique wine region of Jerez, where the wine that will become Sherry must be aged. Its mild climate and abundant natural resources have encouraged its 3,000 year winemaking history on the many hills dotting the landscape between the ocean and the mountains. The impact of the Atlantic Ocean can be felt throughout the region, with cooling sea breezes alleviating the hot summer days in the city of Cádiz and the vineyards surrounding it growing Palomino Fino, Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel. With distinct stark white soils that are delicate and need to be worked by hand to keep the vines alive through drought ridden winters. The proximity to the sea creates the only place on earth that can create the complex layers of flavor that are integral to the many styles and expressions of Sherry.

Three of our favorites are Harvey’s Solera Sherry, The Bristol Cream, a distinctive blend of four different sherries from different ages; El Candado Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Valdespino, a classic made from premium grapes of the highest quality, and Lustau Manzanilla Papirusa, Very Dry Sanlucar De Barrameda Sherry, the quintessence of superb sherry, pale straw in color with a hint of sea breeze on the nose.

The region of Jerez is forceful and dynamic, a unique region that is home to traditions of southern Spain that have been passed down for millenia, including Sherry. 

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