We’ve always been big fans of the uniquely special, delectable flavors of chocolate truffles from Delysia Chocolatier. Salted, infused with spirits or wine, Italian-style–even a Wellness collection–each intense truffle from this award-winning Austin artisanal perfectionist company exemplifies the quality, craftsmanship and unique style for which they are known and admired.

New this year is Delysia’s Taste of the South collection created with unique flavors that capture a southern meal in chocolate–complete with drinks, sides, entrees and dessert. Taking inspiration from favorites from Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, Delysia has assembled an irresistible selection of chocolate troffles that conjure down-home cooking for generations of southerners.

We taste a box of them and fell in love with their Mint Julep dark chocolate truffle infused with fresh mint and southern bourbon; Sweet Tea Vodka chocolate truffle a bend of sweetened iced tea, white chocolate, a shot of vodka and a twist of orange peel; Chicken fried steak chocolate truffle, white chocolate inspired by the tastes of crisp and spicy breading on Cajun-style fried chicken with a hitn of Louisiana spice infused in milk chocolate; and Banana pudding chocolate truffle, a white chocolate delight infused with bananas and a Nilla Wafer in its center.

You’ll go bonkers over these creative flavors which also include Frito pie chocolate truffle, Collard greens and bacon chocolate truffle, Green chili queso chocolate truffle and Hummingbird cake chocolate truffle. Heaven for anyone craving a moment of southern bliss and something sweet. Order at delysia.com.

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