Refreshing Watermelon Spritz from New Holland Brewing Co., a delicious and magical bubbly, crisp and slightly tart combo of sparkling ale, seltzer, and watermelon that sings of wheat and barley beer high in fruity flavors, natural watermelon and spritzy seltzer. 4.3 % alcohol.

Grilling planks from Wildwod Grilling to infuse your favoroite food with the savory flavors of wood smoke. In addition to red cedar, they offer Alder, Maple, Hickory and Cherry.

It’s more than just wood for grilling. Cooking on fire and wood immediately re-connects us to our ancestry. To simpler times. And sharing that food – seasoned deeply with the flavor of wood smoke – builds a profound connection with the friends and family who we value and hold dear. That is the Wildwood Grilling experience. Visit

Parma! Vegan Parmesan, a plant-based, Keto, Gluten-free, Kosher, Soy-free Superfood. This delicious cheesy condiment is made from nutritional yeast, nuts, seeds and Himalayan crystal salt. No dairy at all. The people behind this–family-owned Sister River Foods–was founded with the belief that eating healthful and minimally processed foods is a major key to feeling our best. Their recipes are simple, nutritious and great tasting. Parma! Vegan Parmesan is made in small batches with great care, love and healing intentions are in every batch. Only the highest quality ingredients are used and certainly nothing you can’t pronounce. Choose from Original, Chipotle Cayenne, Better Than Bacon and Garlicky Green.

Cameron Hughes 2019 Gavi Lot 752, a delicious DOCG dry white wine from Italy’s Piedmont region that Chablis and Pinot Gris/Grigio drinkers will love. A crystalline pale straw color in the glass, continuing the tradition and quality of its predecessors with a welcoming bouquet of blossoms, citrus, peach, and almond. On the palate, bright acidity and incredible texture are supported by hints of apple and peach alongside exceptional chalky minerality. This is a wine that can be enjoyed immediately, but will reward those who have the patience to cellar it a few years to see it soften further and develop a bit more in bottle.

A Taste of Ecuador Without Leaving Home? we’re excited about a new brand called Ecuadora from plant-based foods innovator Edward & Sons, the 43 year-old company that first introduced Miso-Cup instant soup and gluten-free Brown Rice Snaps to American consumers in the 70’s.

Ecuadora has launched three healthy and nutritious products (including two delicious hearts of palm-based pastas). All are low-cal, organic, vegan an gluten-free and delicious. Now you can savor authentic Ecuadorian cuisine right in the comfort of your own home.

Created to offer home cooks a passport to the many culinary wonders of picturesque Ecuador (which straddles the equator on South America’s west coast), the new Ecuadora brand debuts with three certified organic, low-calorie, plant-based specialties. The two new pastas have zero sodium while the Hearts of Palm contain only 25 mg of sodium per 14 ounce can. All are free of cholesterol and trans fats.

Land formerly used to raise cattle in the stunning countryside of Ecuador has been converted into certified organic farmland where indigenous palms, known locally as chontaduro, are cultivated for their “hearts,” which are the basis of the three new Ecuadora™ products introduced today:  

  • Organic Hearts of Palm (Palmitos Organicos) – Prized by professional and neophyte cooks alike, Organic Hearts of Palm are a delicious addition to any meal and a welcome way for home cooks to vary their dishes in these challenging stay-at-home times. They are naturally low in calories and carbohydrates, making them especially sought after by those who follow Paleo and Keto diets.  Simply slice and toss them into your favorite salads or sauté them with oil, onions and garlic to create a savory side dish. Ecuadora™ Hearts of Palm can also be blended with roasted red pepper and mayonnaise for

a tasty alternative to hummus or just enjoyed as a yummy low-calorie snack directly from the can. Ecuadora™ Hearts of Palm are USDA Organic, gluten-free, vegan and Kosher.

Ingredients: Organic Hearts of Palm, Water, Citric Acid, Salt.

  • Organic Grain-Free Hearts of Palm Lasagne Sheets – Ecuadora™ has cleverly crafted organic hearts of palm into low calorie, low-carb, grain and gluten-free pasta. As such, they are ideally suited to numerous popular diets currently followed by millions of discerning consumers.

Packed only in water, organic palm pasta – which is also vegan and Kosher – retains a naturally creamy color and texture that deliciously resembles its grain-based traditional counterparts.

Ecuadora™ Organic Hearts of Palm Lasagne requires no boiling – simply remove it from the can, then layer it with ricotta, tomato sauce, spinach or mushrooms and shredded cheese, then cover and bake at 350°F for 30-45 minutes for a piping hot entrée bursting with wholesome flavor. Ingredients: Organic Hearts of Palm and Water.

Organic Grain-Free Hearts of Palm Linguine Noodles – Like the new Lasagne, Ecuadora™ Hearts of Palm Linguine offers a tantalizingly fresh, natural and versatile alternative to mainstream pasta for those following a restricted diet or for anyone who’s ready to lower their calorie intake without lowering their flavor expectations. Simply heat Ecuadora™ Linguine with your favorite tomato sauce and serve with a sprinkle of parmesan, or serve it warm with olive oil and garlic for “pasta aglio e olio.” The new Linguine is likewise USDA Organic, grain and gluten-free, vegan and Kosher.

Ingredients: Organic Hearts of Palm and Water.

Available online at and soon in health food stores and mainstream supermarkets nationwide, the two new Ecuadora™ pasta products are sold at a MSRP of $4.79, with the new Hearts of Palm available for $4.99. All three new products are sold in 14-ounce cans.

Passport To Natural Splendor

Ecuador’s varied landscape encompasses the Amazon jungle, the Andean highlands and the wildlife haven of the Galápagos Islands. The country is universally known for its staggering biodiversity, including the many thousands of species of plants and animals that thrive in its lush tropical climate.

Lou Malnati’s authentic hand-made deep dish Chicago style pizza ships anywhere and is out of this world. Since 1971, these delectable pizzas have been wowing pizza lovers everywhere. Considered the oldest family name in Chicago pizza, Lou Malnati’s is as rich in history as its pizza is in flavor.

Choose from Sausage, Pepperoni, Spinach, or Veggie, then just pop them in the oven. In 30-35 minutes you have perfectly done pizza. Lou Malnati also ships marvelous thin crust pizzas, too. Visit or call (800) Lou-To-Go.

Windsor Vineyards 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alexander Valley has focused aromas of black currants, cocoa nib and tobacco leaves combine with rich, soft and rounded tannins. The supple, extended finish is laced with flavors of dark cherry, mocha, fig and vanilla. Accents of velvety chocolate compliment smooth tannins and a medium-long finish. 92% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Petite Verdot, 4% Red Wine. A true value at $14.

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