Incredibly smooth NEFT Vodka in a unique barrel

NEFT is a small-batch ultra-premium vodka with a taste as memorable as its container — a portable, unbreakable barrel — that keeps NEFT cold for up to six hours. In 750mL …Austrian spring water, filtered for fifty years beneath the Rhaetian Alps. A blend of four ancient rye grains, thousands of years old, for a taste like no other — in a shape like no other: the unbreakable barrel stays cold for hours.

NEFT has a distinctive taste: rich, slightly sweet born of pure ingredients – no sugar or additives.  And, a smooth finish seems to go on forever. This is a high quality, flavorsome vodka, with tons of character. Perfumed notes of tangerine and vanilla are fresh on the nose… extremely unique flavors that caress with no burn and no edge. A 750 ml barrel is priced at $36.99.

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