Things we would not travel without

We firmly believe that the shirt is the foundation of every ensemble. Happily, designer Jonathan Mezibov agrees and his shirts are the purest, finest and stylish we know. Those looking to refresh their wardrobes for our collective transition toward a more normal life will be keen to own one of his creations which we feel are the keystone of any outfit.

It was Mezibov’s own fruitless search for a go-to shirt brand with the right fit and taste level that inspired him to launch Jonathan Mezibov in 2010.
Mezibov crafts small-batch modern shirts for discerning men and women, core pieces that are contemporary yet timeless and long-lasting. Their shirts are the wardrobe staples that wear beautifully season after season, with elegant design, precise tailoring and high-end touches like their signature tab cuff.

And because they’re a direct-to-consumer company, they are able to eliminate retail markup and offer both luxury and value without compromise.
These shirts are meticulously crafted in Italy from the finest silk, denim and other natural materials; his Women’s Collection has something for every taste. Feminine blouses, including the Lilly Silk Bow
Blouse with elongated neckties and sophisticated peach hue, and gender neutral options like the Band Collar Linen Shirt make for elegant additions to any warm-weather wardrobe. These shirts are perfect for the discriminating traveler, no matter where your destination lies.

GOBI Cashmere, the international fashion and lifestyle brand, has collections of pure Mongolian cashmere garments that are de rigueur for the chic smart traveler. Their “Essentials” features a range of athleisure, loungewear, and indispensable basics and “Expressionist” showcases pop art-driven selections in vivid, high contrast colors. Both groups underscore the brand’s bold dive into more fashion looks while building flawlessly on its signature items of luxurious sweaters, jackets, coats, as well as a wide assortment of tops and bottoms. They also expand those key categories to include bralettes, biker shorts, dresses, and cardigans. Meticulously manufactured out of premium grade Mongolian cashmere, everything remains steadfastly true to the GOBI aesthetic and mission of providing genuine cashmere garments with the highest standards of quality as well as social and ecological responsibility. Mongolian cashmere fibers have always been valued for being thin and flexible allowing it to quickly revert to its original form after being distressed or folded. Its long length is a crucial quality for spinning into yarn and thread and making it less likely to cause pilling. Our readers get 10% off any purchase if they use the code Entree10. Perfect for travel.

Speaking of travel, one of the barometers we use to judge the quality of a hotel is the quality of their bath towels. The poorer the towel, the poorer the hotel. And if we were to open a hotel, we’d turn to the new MP Magic bath towel to stock our bathrooms.

We found many qualities in MP Magic bath towels: they are thick, soft and super-absorbent, a drying experience unlike no other. Velvety soft, they are dense and heavy, plush and super fluffy. We admired the fact that noticed these towels dried twice as fast after use or washing. MP Magic towels are also breathable which enhances their moisture wicking.

This towel is made from Giza cotton, a type of high-end cotton that’s grown and harvested close to the Nile river, giving it some unique features that simply aren’t found elsewhere. Only about 10% of Giza cotton is Giza 86, the best cotton you can find in the market. A highly advanced knitting technology is the secret behind MP Magic. The MP Magic Bath Towel is the only towel you will ever need. Love at first use. Visit

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