THE HUNGRY EYE, Eating, Drinking, and European Culture from Rome to the Renaissance by Leonard Barkan is an extraordinary feast of historical art, philosophy and wit from the table chat of ancient Rome to the banquets of Renaissance Italy. Barkan is brilliant and his erudite writing and his insights are a spectacular look at the ways food and drink have transfigured Western art and high culture. Published by Princeton,

MUSEE PICASSO PARIS. This comprehensive tome covers all aspects of Picasso’s artistic career, from self- portraits to sculpture to photography, and features an extensive chronology.

The Musée Picasso Paris houses the most impressive collection of Picasso’s works ever assembled. Structured chronologically, this compendious volume spans the artist’s career, tracing the evolution of his art through ten phases, from the Blue Period (1901–04) to the portrait of The Young Painter (1972), which he finished in his penultimate year. Primarily devoted to Picasso’s paintings, the book also explores his work in sculpture, ceramic, photography, drawing, and etching.

 Featuring 360 specially commissioned photographs of Picasso’s greatest works, the history of the 4,500-room museum, critical analysis by the museum’s experts, an extensive biography of Picasso’s life, and photographs of the artist. Published by Flammarion.

THE TREASURES OF TUTANKHAMUN published by Thames & Hudson, is an accessible, illustrated guide to the greatest artifacts from the tomb of the child pharaoh.

Compact and beautifully illustrated, this book brings to life the greatest treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun, focusing on fifty of the most important objects discovered therein. Egyptologist Garry J. Shaw gives an insightful overview of the world of Ancient Egypt into which Tutankhamun was born, as well as the key events of the pharaoh’s short life. This pocket-sized guide is the perfect companion for anyone fascinated by King Tut’s life and treasures, anyone visiting any of the Tutankhamun exhibitions touring the world today, or those who plan to visit the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, Greater Cairo.

WATERCOLOR BOTANICAL GARDEN, A Modern Approach to Painting Bold Flowers, Plants, and Cacti by Rachel Eskandari will help you create your very own eye-popping watercolor garden with step-by-step images. Anyone can paint a garden of bold unconventional florals with these basics of watercolors that help aspiring artists master the basics. Published by Rock Nook.

MIXOLOGY AND MURDER, Cocktails Inspired By Infamous Serial Killers, Cold Cases, Cults, and Other Disturbing True Crime Stories by Kierra Sondereker is delicious fun for the true crime fan and serious lover of cocktails. Dive into terrifying stories, baffling cases, and secret cults in a whole new way. East-to-follow drink recipes and horrifying stories seem to go well with a chilling cocktail and Ms. Sondereker is dead on target here with her enticing cocktails and morbid stories. Published by Ulysses Press.

CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE, The Frenchman Who Taught Americans To Love Champagne by Don and Petie Kladstrup is a high-spirited romp through the world of French bubbly and ante-bellum America, chronicling the tumultuous exploits of wine merchant Charles Heidsieck. This is a remarkable story from raging success to humiliatting scandal and the ultimate thirst for popping corks of this celebratory, effervescent wine. Published by Potomac Books.

DOGTOGRAPHY, A Knick-Your-Socks Off Guide To Capturing The Best Dog Photos On Earth by Kaylee Greer is jam-packed with tips and tricks for upping your dog photography game. If you’re striving to get better pictures of your four-legged best friend, this is essential reading,..and packed with stunning canine photos. Published by Rocky Nook.

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