SOUPPLY (soup-lee), a modern, premium soup bowl dedicated to preserving the essence of traditional flavors. SOUPPLY launched in June of 2021 and has since been providing authentic, shelf-stable soup bowls in convenient, elevated packaging with real meat, quality ingredients, and flavors perfected by past generations. This company based out of Orange County, CA was founded by Gary Nguyen who yearned for authentic and traditional food when traveling abroad for extended periods. Growing homesick thousands of miles away from Vietnam, the idea for a premium simple-prep soup bowl with real meat that can be conveniently enjoyed any time and any place came to mind.

We tried two of these: the Chicken Pho Bowl and the Filet and Brisket Beef Pho. They are excellent. authentic, easy to prepare and very tasty. https://www.soupply.com

“We never compromise quality and authenticity over profits. We would like to see more authentic, ethnic CPG food options re-branded for the American market.” Linda Nguyen, COO & Co-Founder

Once Again’s organic creamy almond butter is a must-have for holiday cookies. Made with unblanched organic almonds, dry roasted for flavor and milled with nothing else added, this rich-tasting almond butter can add delicious, nutty flavor and wholesome nutrition to seasonal almond butter cookies for a dessert spread or thumbprint (almond butter blossom) cookies to fill a festive tin. With no added sugars or salt, the product is also certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, certified gluten-free, vegan, paleo-friendly, and part of the brand’s Honest in Trade program.

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Also available in crunchy and natural varieties, Once Again’s almond butter lineup is sold in 16oz recycled glass jars at local co-ops, natural food stores, and select conventional retailers across the country, plus through their website and Amazon.

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