Looking For That Perfect Gift? Chocolates From John Kelly Are Ideal!

In 2004, on a charming street off Sunset Boulevard, a partnership between John Kelson and Kelly Green (hence JOHN KELLY) opened a small chocolate factory in Hollywood. Armed with nothing but determination and a recipe for an amazing, gourmet chocolate fudge, they have since turned John Kelly Chocolates into an award-winning national brand sold in high-end department stores, specialty shops, hotel gift shops, grocers – and online. They now make 19 variations on that original recipe, delicious “truffle fudge”, along with an array of other products, such as walnut caramel clusters, molded chocolates, salted caramels, chocolate-dipped fruit, and more.

John Kelly’s products are hand-made with great attention to detail. The exceptional chocolates are made from all-natural, premium quality ingredients, and everything is fashioned in small batches. But it’s really the level of detail and hand craftsmanship brought to every single piece that makes the difference.

We recently tried their semi-sweet chocolate and caramel truffle fudge bites with Hawaiian Alaea sea salt: scrumptious. We then tasted their truffle fudge bars, dark chocolate with chipotle and ancho chile and dark chocolate with Habanero and jalapeno chile: sinfully sweet with a kick.

John Kelly has scores of bon bons to choose from barks and bars to chocolate infused with coconut or raspberry and orange. There’s chocolate with Himalayan pink salt, walnut caramel clusters, chocolate-coated expresso beans or almonds and of course for the holidays, peppermint and chocolate. Their signature boxes are outstanding collections of
John Kelly’s most popular flavors in a beautiful gift box. Voted Los Angeles Magazine’s best chocolatier for 2021, we urge you visit johnkellychocolates.com now to do all of your holiday shopping. John Kelly chocolates make terrific business gifts, too.

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