Stimulating Gifts for All the Best People in Your Life

Stash Tea’s 2021 Limited-Edition holiday flavors brew bold and fun holiday cheer. We all know tea’s the season to ring in holiday cheer. Dust off the stockings, untangle the twinkly lights and get out your Christmas mug. It’s time to gather around Stash’s holiday teas because there’s nothing like the festive flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger. cardamom, peppermint or chocolate to get the celebration going.

We had our elves brew up Stash’s Christmas Morning for an energy boost. Then they made Holiday Chai as a much-needed pick me up. The more mellow among preferred herbal classic Christmas Eve. The livelier crowd went for the larger-than-life blend Christmas in Paris. That tired bunch? Stash’s White Christmas spurred them along with a boost of caffeine.

In addition to the 150 teas they offer, Stash has wonderful tea-infused recipes for desserts, savory bites, tea cocktails and hot drinks. We are sold on their Christmas in Paris Swirl Cheesecake, chair spice bread and a orange spice brandy alexander. Yum. Visit for more info.

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