Our choice if you’re looking to sell fine jewelry and collectibles is Robert Alfaro whose small estate buying office in Montecito is discreet and well-established. Mr. Alfaro has created a most welcoming atmosphere in which to linger, and he will be happy to patiently discuss the quality, origin and value of your collectibles and treasures or point you in the right direction for your best option.

There is never any obligation to sell anything, but should you decide to sell, he provides immediate payment, and we have found his prices to be more than fair and certainly better than the larger firms like Circa. Aside from purchase of select pieces of collectibles and jewelry, Mr. Alfaro will occasionally purchase porcelain, ceramics, silver, jade, netsuke, bronzes
and select furniture. He is a passionate enthusiast and collector of watches, therefore always more than willing to share any applicable historical background with you on your keepsake timepieces. Mr. Alfaro has earned our respect as have buyers and sellers nationally and internationally for nearly three decades. We assure you he can be trusted. If Montecito’s best collectors gave out a royal warrant, Robert would surely get one as he deals with all the first families of this rarified enclave who seek him out to
deaccession their Cartier, Van Cleef or Tiffany goodies.

By Appointment: Robert Alfaro – Brock & Co.
1482 E. Valley Road, Studio 3, Montecito CA. (Montecito’s upper village) (562) 500 3229

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