We can’t say enough about Sweeter Cards–the first-ever greeting card and gourmet chocolate bar all in one, a two-for-one product that is clever, thoughtful and oh so delicious!

There are 40+ occasions–like the holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthday, sympathy, women’s empowerment and more throughout the year–and Sweeter Cards’ sea salt caramel dark chocolate is unbelievably amazing and fair trade certified.

We recently purchased two cards–one said HOW SWEET IT IS TO BE LOVED BY YOU and when opened it said AND I LOVE YOU TOO. Perfect. The second joked YOUR BIRTHDAY IS BECOMING A FIRE HAZARD…and when opened, SO WE’RE SWITCHING YOU TO CHOCOLATE BARS. Cards including the chocolate bars are $8.99 each.

Sweeter Cards is 100% woman-owned and all of their cards are designed by women as well. Finally, all of their production takes place in the USA and they’re proud to employ a sheltered workshop that gives jobs to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. http://www.sweetercards.com

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