Books we like for 2022:

CONTEMPORARY HOUSE INDIA by Rob Gregory invites you to enter the most innovative, ambitious and beautiful private residences on the Indian subcontinent characterized by dramatic new approaches to building that respond to the country’s varied landscapes, climates and cultures. Stunning photography by Edmund Sumner.

India has a long, diverse history of remarkable architecture. This stunning overview of contemporary residential architecture in India features over twenty houses from across the country, designed by leading firms such as Samira Rathod Design Associates and Architecture Brio, as well as emerging architects such as Martand Khosla.

Beginning with a helpful essay, CONTEMPORARY HOUSE INDIA is divided into four thematic chapters, each opening with a contextual introduction. Included with each featured home are detailed drawings and plans. The author places the selected homes in a global context, including the fascinating legacy of major modern architects such as Le Corbusier’s work in Chandigarh, India. Handsomely published by Thames & Hudson.

THE BEAUTY BRIEF, An Insider’s Guide to Skin Care by Katie Service is a brilliantly-written, revolutionary skincare bible packed with firsthand expert knowledge with first-rate recommendations on the essentials, ingredients, products and procedures to adopt or avoid, whatever your budget. Stylish and practical, this beauty expert’s guide to making informed skincare choices is a must-have for all beauty enthusiasts looking for safe, effective, and sustainably sourced products. Published by Thames &Hudson.

SAVED BY SOUP by Judith Barrett has more than 100 delicious low-fat recipes for soups to eat and enjoy every day. No matter what you like to eat, soup is always the answer, so grab a spoon, open this book and begin join in today’s soup revolution.

The author lost pounds and inches using these mouthwatering recipes, each of which contains less than three grams of fat per serving. And cutting the fat posed no bar to creating soups with incredible flavor — Black Mushroom and Spinach Wonton Soup and Creamy Fennel Soup with Shrimp both contain only one gram of fat.

Barrett offers soups to be savored for every season. In the fall, Creamy Carrot Soup or Roasted Beet Borscht will delight you. Winter Squash Soup with Thyme or Real Gumbo with Okra and Chicken is sure to take the edge off the cold during the snowy months. Come springtime, there is Vidalia Onion Soup or Arugula Vichyssoise, and to beat the summertime heat, make a batch of Cool Cucumber and Yogurt Soup or Creamy Tomato Bisque with Shallots and Tarragon. You have a veritable calendar full of soup’s pleasures at your fingertips. Soups “from the sea,” like Mediterranean Fish Stew and New York Red Clam Chowder, will leave a briny tingle on your palate. If it’s legumes you crave, try one of the unbeatable bean soups: Lentil and Portobello Mushroom Soup, Miami Black Bean Soup, Lemony Chickpea and Escarole Soup. Or experiment with the variety of international soup recipes that are offered, from Japanese Dashi with Soba and Scallions to Chinese Cabbage Soup with Cellophane Noodles to Italian Minestra of Swiss Chard and Rice. Published by William Morrow.

ROYAL TRIVIA: Your Guide to the Modern British Royal Family by Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie is a collection of fascinating facts and anecdotes about the British monarchy will keep you in the know and ready to impress with tid bits on all your favorite modern royals—perfect for cocktail hour (or afternoon tea) conversation. From the jaw-dropping weddings and headline-making fashion moments, to the births of new royals and history behind the most regal events, this book has trivia for any enthusiast. Inside you’ll find the royal scoop, including:

Details about the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Drama decoded, from the Sussexes’ move to Montecito to the Cambridges’ path to the throne.

Facts about Princess Diana’s royal courtship Sartorial specifics (hello, revenge dress).

And much more. Geared toward fans of Netflix’s The Crown or anyone who loves the royals, this book is a great way to keep up with (and quiz your friends about) one of the most iconic families in the world.

CRAZY SWEET CREATIONS by Ann Reardon, a bright and colorful culinary journey into jaw-dropping pastries, cakes, and delectable mouth-watering, eye-popping creations. Reardon is a highly regarded food scientist and her books reveal the secrets behind her masterpieces which you, too, can create. Published by Mango.

MR. SUNNYSIDE: Imagination (Mr. Sunnyside and Friends) by Colin Gregory and illustrated by Stephanie Richoll is a beguiling tale sure to inspire imaginations in the young ones. When Tommy, a young boy, is stuck at home on a rainy day with nothing to do, even his mommy can’t help him, especially with breakfast. An eggstrordinary egg called Mr. Sunnyside comes to his rescue — only Tommy can see him. Mr. Sunnyside saves him from boredom by giving Tommy a lesson in imagination. Mr. Sunnyside, a delicate egg, shows Tommy a new meaning in life by teaching him how to use his imagination. Buckle up and get ready for an eggciting ride — an adventure of a lifetime when Mr. Sunnyside enters Tommy’s life as a play friend! Tommy’s life will never be the same — he goes from feeling sad to eggcellent! Available on Amazon:

With youth sports becoming more about training elite athletes, band practice at zero-dark-thirty and college prep / admission getting more competitive than ever, it’s no wonder more kids are having more mental health crises these days.

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Parents, in turn, are working around the clock without the village they used to rely on, so they can often miss the warning signs that their own children feel as much pressure to succeed as they do.

Go to and find all the details. This book helps parents understand the impact of stress and shares concrete steps to reduce the pressure on their children and teens and increase their health and happiness. Author Hansa Dr. Bhargava prescribes taking a step back from today’s nonstop pace and focusing on the basics of healthy eating, quality sleep, and unscheduled free time.

With extracurricular commitments, homework, and ever-present electronic devices, this can seem easier said than done, but Dr. Bhargava offers realistic, balanced advice that will help prioritize health and restore the happiness of childhood.

Dr. Bhargava covers:

·      What to do when your child is having a mental health crisis

·       How to gauge your child’s emotional well-being

·       How to tell if your family is over-scheduled

·       The tools kids need for success and happiness

·       How to allow your child to learn resilience

·       How to preserve the parent-child relationship

  • Possible situations your child may experience that can be attributed to mental disorder symptoms
  • Nutritional psychiatry: how to use food as medicine to soothe the mind, body and soul
  • Mood-boosting foods (and smoothies!) to make the whole family smile

·      Tools for mental health, such as laughter, safety, emotions, dance, hugs

·       How to find your way back to the 4 fundamentals: food, sleep, hydration, exercise

·       The loss of unscheduled time and why it matters

·       What toxic stress is and how it affects parents and kids

·       How to make a sleep a priority

·       How and why stressed-out parents can make self-care a priority

·       How to do a screen detox – yes, the whole family!

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