LOUIS VUITTON MANUFACTURES: a great coffee table book about the iconic artists of Vuitton leather goods

LOUIS VUITTON MANUFACTURES is one helluva coffee table book, as beautiful as their iconic elite luggage is. It grandly illustrates the idea, fostered by the House, that a manufacture can be a place of fulfillment and individuality, where traditional craft skills can be learned, respected and transmitted, using age-old techniques and tools that would be familiar to the company’s founder.

In pursuit of excellence, Louis Vuitton has scattered ateliers the length and breadth of France and beyond, to Geneva, the Veneto and even Texas. Often sites of historic interest or outstanding natural beauty will have a Louis Vuitton workshop nearby. Featuring exclusively commissioned photographs, this magnificent volume showcases the extraordinary locations and buildings, and the equally extraordinary artisans, that produce Louis Vuitton leather goods, fragrances, watches, shoes, high jewelry and ready-to-wear.

400 pages with stunning photos and fascinating text, this work of art is published by the great champion of fine coffee table books, Assouline.

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