Artfully Created Easter Eggs From Chocolat Moderne–Art To Eat

Chocolat Moderne, one of NYC’s most respected chocolatiers, is offering six collections of exquisite hand-painted chocolate Easter eggs that are as beautiful as they are delicious.  

Inspired by art and created with passion, Chocolat Moderne Easter Eggs blend traditional and innovative flavors that are a perfect balancing act of all-natural ingredients and the finest chocolate couvertures from Valrhona.  Carefully conceived packaging is the elegant finishing touch to all Chocolat Moderne creations. 

The 3-inch by 2-inch eggs are designed with six unique themes. The colorful freedom of abstract art is captured in a vibrant Abstract Collection with eggs that are speckled and splashed with three accent colors. The Fauvergé Collection features hand-painted designs with splashy and colorful abandon in the style of Fauvism. For kids and milk chocolate lovers of all ages, there is a Milk Chocolate Collection of beautiful hand-painted eggs in milk chocolate. True to her Greek heritage, chocolatier Joan Coukos includes a Greek Collection available through Greek Orthodox Easter.  The Greek Easter tradition of dying eggs crimson red, the color of life, is celebrated in this collection, with fillings inspired by Greek delicacies. Of particular significance this year is a collection of Ukrainian Easter Eggs, aptly named Pursuit of Happiness, a pastel rendition of traditional Ukrainian designs with petite dark chocolate bonbons in six flavors:  Anise in Wonderland (refreshing soft caramel infused with anise seed), Berry Bohemian (caramel with strawberry and raspberry puree), Cocoa Cabana (milk chocolate ganache with roasted cocoa nibs), Coconut Coast (white ganache with coconut milk and toasted coconut) Peanut Pizzazz (crunchy salted peanut and milk chocolate praline), Macadamia Republic (crunchy macadamia praline with white chocolate).  Each bonbon is decorated with designs that reflect the traditional art of Ukrainian Easter.  The award-winning collection has been a highlight of the Chocolat Moderne Easter Egg offerings since 2005.  The 8-piece set is $17.95 and the 24-piece set is $49.00. In 2021, Chocolat Moderne created a Fine Vegan Chocolate Easter Egg Collection of three dark chocolate eggs with three different fillings: Hazelnut Vegan Milk Chocolate Praline, Dark Raspberry Ganache, Passion Fruit Vegan Milk Chocolate Ganache.

Joan Coukos will donate 10% of the retail sales of Pursuit of Happiness (the Ukrainian collection) to the World Central Kitchen founded by Chef Jose Andres. What an inspiring (and sweet) gesture!
The collections are available in dark and milk chocolate with an assortment of bespoke fillings that include: Raspberry Rendez-vous: Creamy dark chocolate ganache with raspberry purée.Sea Salt: Sea salted caramel with natural sea salt from the French Mediterranean.Don Juan: 72% Venezuelan cacao ganache. Strawberry Float: Creamy white chocolate ganache with strawberry purée. Never too Lait: Creamy milk chocolate ganache. Hazelnut Hystérie: Milk chocolate egg filled with hazelnut and milk chocolate praliné.Sea Salt Espresso: Dark chocolate egg filled with soft caramel infused with espresso and sea salt.Crunchy Almond: Milk chocolate egg filled with crunchy, salted almond and milk chocolate praliné. Pomegranate Rose: White chocolate egg filled with dark ganache with pomegranate purée and rose water.Baklava: Dark chocolate egg filled with walnut-almond praliné with milk chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and orange zest swirled into salted caramel.Feast: Dark chocolate egg filled with fig and Port wine dark chocolate ganache.

The collections can be purchased until April 29th through or in person at their shop at 27 West 20th Street in NYC.  Prices range from $12.00 for one egg to $33.00 for three eggs and $65.00 for 6 eggs.
Award-winning Chocolat Moderne was founded in 2003 by Joan Coukos with a mission to create visually stunning, handcrafted confections filled with perfectly balanced, on-trend flavors that introduce new ingredients to chocolate-making. CHOCOLAT MODERNE® has received top honors in the specialty food industry by winning multiple sofi™ Gold and Finalist Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars of the food industry, from the Specialty Food Association.
The creations are a vibrant, ever-changing cornucopia. Chocolat Moderne uses chocolate couverture from Valrhona, one of the world’s most exclusive chocolate producers, located in Tain-l’Hermitage, France. They equitably and sustainably source the finest cacao from around the world, and Chocolat Moderne uses it to make delicious chocolate confections.  The confections use 7 different varieties of dark chocolates, together with milk, white, and blond chocolates.
With a penchant for introducing new ingredients to chocolate making, over one hundred ingredients from around the world are incorporated.  Classic confectionary staples like European butter, cream, pure cane sugar, are met with fruit purees, citrus juices and zest, honey, nuts and seeds, Kalamata olives, red bean paste, premium spirits, essential oils, teas, and spices.   The chocolates are gluten free and free of preservatives and artificial flavors.  The vegan line, available since 2019, includes bonbons and bars with classic ganaches, pralines and caramel fillings using coconut cream and oat milk to replace the traditional milk ingredients. 
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