Waterways Surf Adventures: expertly crafted surf experiences

Itching to go on a epic surf adventure, we turned to Waterways Surf Adventures, the country’s preeminent boutique surf travel agency with decades of experience and knowhow. And we are glad we did. Waterways has a unique and thoughtful approach that provides surfers and their families with highly personalized advice and execution you can truly trust. First of all, they have access to exotic, emerging and proven destinations where their contacts are well established.

They have insider knowledge and local expertise that can be relied on. With Waterways, you can surf the world’s best and most secluded waves in Fiji, North Sumatra, Costa Rica, Caroline Islands, Maldives, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Timor, Samoa, South Africa and El Salvador. Owner Sean Murphy and his team know the globe’s best spots and are committed to take the gamble and guess work out of your surf travel holiday, while at the same time providing the best service and value.

Los Mangos, El Salvador

We chose to surf in El Salvador and stay at Los Mangos. They arranged our flights, board rentals, accommodations, food and drink, transfers, fantastic guide—essentially everything to assure our surf getaway would be flawless and expertly crafted to our needs. And they were very easy to communicate with and most responsive. www.waterwaystravel.com, (310) 584-9900.

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